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Posted on August 16, 2021
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This week on the news I listened to an interview about the climate emergency with several people at a bowling club in Cambridgeshire. They were asked, ‘what will you be changing in light of this clear and present danger?’ 

The answer that came back was ‘nothing’. They were not really going to alter the course or practices of their lives and the reasons for this were two-fold: firstly, they considered themselves too small a cog to really make a difference and, secondly, with the massive populations of countries such as India and China not appearing to change then what was the point in even contemplating any significant change?

Putting aside for now the obvious reluctance to change and move out of their comfort zone, the responses show a complete lack of understanding about the nature of our consciousness and the power of our minds. How each one of us thinks is a powerful thing and it was and is the foundation of everything else. Our world and certainly our experience of it comes from our consciousness, our thoughts. The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word.” Which is a way of saying it all started with thought and from that all physical and emotional things came. 

To begin to understand this is to begin to understand the power of our minds and therefore the contribution we can make to humanity. And therefore the contribution we are already making by the thoughts we choose to have right now.

All thought creates form someplace, for every thought we have has power and direction. It is impossible to have a neutral thought because each thought has power and therefore must go somewhere. Each thought has direction, so each thought is either building a wonderful world or the opposite, is either going towards life or going towards death. And as thought goes we follow. Our experience is a product of our thoughts!

Understanding this is to learn how important it is to think mindfully and learn to take careful ownership of our minds. Master are masters because they are fully aware they are creating their world by their own thoughts, so they either think very carefully or not at all. And every one of us is the same. Once we recognize this then we can begin to grow our consciousness and make our contribution to meeting the challenges we face. We can do it from our own homes, joining with the people all around the world that are also putting their minds towards a better outcome. Some of us might be called to go out into the world and physically put our shoulder to the wheel, but all of us can still make a difference if we choose to do so.

So let’s consider this: if each aggressive thought about anyone or anything creates aggression somewhere in the world then we start to understand the connection between our inner and outer world. When we look out into our world and see what we see then at some point we need to ask ourselves, ‘how is the pollution and fire and smoke and conflict a reflection of the inner state of our minds? What is the state of our thoughts, what kind of chaos is going on inside?’ Understandable, then, that many refuse to see this connection and want only to stay in the illusion of a comfort zone and project all that chaos out onto the world, preferably the other side of the world.

We are facing massive challenges and more and more people accept that we can’t go on as before. However, many of us still see the need for others to change but not ourselves. Yet with massive challenges come great opportunities and one of the greatest opportunities is to embrace the true nature of our minds and take a massive leap in consciousness. We are being asked to return to who we really are and embrace our true nature and the power each one of us holds, provided we are willing to learn and discipline that space between our eyes.

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