You behave the way you do because of how you feel, and so does everyone else. But many of us have repressed the way we feel. Society is only just starting to understand how important it is to support people to feel emotion. 

What drives the way we feel in any moment is the belief systems within us that have been operating since childhood. Every choice we have ever made in one direction or the other – for love or for fear – has created the belief systems that govern our life today.

If we keep making the same choices and reinforcing the same beliefs, they become the basis for how we experience the world and that experience triggers our emotion and then our behaviour.

We can help you to look at the choices you’ve been making and the beliefs that make up the way you see the world. Are they making you happy? Could there be a better way?

Learning from our hidden parts 

Most of us are consciously aware of only some of our behaviour and some of our emotions. But driving this is a rich subconscious and unconscious world where our beliefs, judgements and past experiences lie.

Actually, this is the bulk of who you are – making up 90 per cent of your mind. If you watch and listen to the signals, your conscious world will show you all of the areas of your unconscious that want to be healed. The more healing you do, either individually or as a couple, the better life will be.

Join us at a wellbeing event in Wiltshire, or book a coaching session and take the first step on an inner healing journey.

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