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We help you connect to other people, learn about yourself and develop honest and mutually fulfilling relationships.

We all seek happiness. So why do we get so off course? Whatever challenges you, if you want real change that’s practical and permanent, VisionWorks can help.

We believe everyone can have the relationship of their dreams and we are here to show you how! We teach practical tools and techniques that help your marriage and friendships reach their full potential. We, Jeff and Sue, use the powerful Psychology of Vision model that helped us turn our lives around when our marriage and careers were at breaking point.

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Book a private counseling session with Sue or Jeff as an individual or as a couple. Not sure? You can book a free 20 minute taster session here.

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We hold workshops and wellness days for your rejuvenation and healing.

Salisbury 2024 – Return to Love

September 20 @ 12:00am - September 29 11:59pm

Heartfelt wishes

October 25 @ 12:00am - October 29 11:59pm

How Love Works

How Love Works

A new approach to lasting partnership

What really happens when we fall in love? How come the person I once thought was the one is now annoying the hell out of me? How did we get into such a rut? How can we stop the fighting? Why did my partner have an affair? Why did I have an affair? Where did the spark go and how can we get it back?


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