The path of love is not easy: relationships are tough, and many couples don’t make it. So, what is going on? Why is true love so hard to find and why do we have to suffer so many devastating heartbreaks along the way?

If you’re suffering in your relationship, it’s time to get help. Join us at an event, or contact us for a couples therapy session, in Wiltshire, or online and take a step forward. 

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How can I have a better relationship?

This is a question we get asked a lot. A partnership can be strong enough to last a lifetime if two people are both willing to embrace change – real inner change. 

The purpose of having relationships is to learn to give and receive love. Once you have worked through the stages of relationships and chosen to heal the splits in your mind you will be rewarded with true partnership, a true friend and life companion. 

Healing relationships is not about time, it is about courage; the courage to be wrong about what you are convinced you are right about; the courage to be truly intimate; the courage to quit the fight and to believe in love, again and again and again…..

How Love Works

How Love Works

A new approach to lasting partnership

What really happens when we fall in love? How come the person I once thought was the one is now annoying the hell out of me? How did we get into such a rut? How can we stop the fighting? Why did my partner have an affair? Why did I have an affair? Where did the spark go and how can we get it back?

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