How love works – Facebook Live


We had a really good time doing Facebook Lives during this second lockdown….so we’re back.Join us on a Monday evening at 6pm for around half an hour to talk about […]

Letting Go of Lockdown


We have individually and collectively been through an unprecedented year, one that has challenged us to face feelings of loneliness and separation, fear and loss. Yet every crisis also offers […]

Returning to Nature and our Nature

Spirthill 2 Naish House, Spirthill

In this last year our way of life has been reduced mostly to our homes and we have felt trapped, our spirit confined on both a physical and a mental […]

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Your Best Gift to the World

Spirthill 2 Naish House, Spirthill

With Jeff and Sue AllenYour gift to the world is your willingness to show up, to be present, and give of yourself 100%. What is in the way of that? […]

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Women’s Vital Health Retreat

Blackadon Farm Cottages Blackadon Farm, Ivybridge

Why join us?be nurtured, supported and inspired in the company of othersdiscover ways to cope with emotional stresses, hormonal imbalances and unhealthy habitsbenefit from the wisdom of leading therapiststake time […]

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