It is our deepest wish to end all forms of dis-ease and unlock the incredible intelligence of our bodies for robust mental and physical health.

Our health and wellbeing depend on many factors. Obviously, our genetics and lifestyle affect our physical body; we believe that our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are also essential parts of our holistic self.

We offer coaching and events to balance body, mind and spirit, and rejuvenate your ongoing journey towards living the life you love.

Why come to a health event?

Our Vital Health events are a fantastic opportunity to reboot and renew. Come away feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit, knowing the way forward on your ongoing journey.

In a peaceful setting you will have the opportunity to focus on the physical, psychological and spiritual elements that are the holistic you.

Meditation, yoga, juicing and extra therapies are also on offer to reboot your system. You’ll be in the company of internationally acclaimed teachers and therapists who want to share their wisdom and you will leave with new friends. There will be lots of laughter and fun!

Some Benefits of Vital Health

  • Greater understanding of the connection between mind and body
  • Relaxing through detox – a cleanse for mind and body
  • Learning practical skills to empower your wellbeing in all areas of life
  • Understanding the dynamics of stress, exhaustion and ill health
  • Finding new commitment for permanent change
  • Making new friends

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