July 5, 2023

Love Yourself, and it doesn’t matter who you marry One of the most common grievances or complaints in 30 years of relationship counselling is the belief that a partner has […]

June 7, 2023

Change We Must This is the title of a book by the Hawaiian Kahuna, Nana Veary, which is part of my essential learning and reading list. She was considered a […]

April 28, 2023

“We don’t get wounded alone and we don’t heal alone.” – C.G. Jung We know that us Brits – including us before we began this journey – have this aversion to sharing […]

April 6, 2023

As nature starts a new cycle – Spring – we are also called to move forward in our lives. The need for change is ever pressing and the pressure seems […]

March 17, 2023

Jeff says: This is the first Mothering Sunday without my mother being physically present, as she passed away last summer. It will be another opportunity to do more letting go […]

March 2, 2023

Rebecca is one of many wonderful therapists who will be joining Sue and Jeff on the Spanish coast for the 2023 Vital Health Retreat, March 28 – April 2. Here […]

February 3, 2023

As we start the new year here in the UK our country is hugely divided along many lines manifesting with wide ranging industrial strikes and disruptions. The strikes are across […]

January 12, 2023

Every problem is a relationship problem so the ability to heal and improve our relationships lies at the heart of our success and happiness. Any time we are not enjoying […]

December 13, 2022

“She unleashed her inner goddess and became the woman her soul knew she could be.” ― Michelle Schafer      We live in a world that often values ‘masculine energy’ over feminine, […]

December 1, 2022

The only thing that is certain in this life is change. It is the nature of the planet as well as the Universe we live in. That change we see […]

November 18, 2022

We are living in very interesting times and a short sojourn around our world seems to show us chaos, strife and looming disasters. In the circumstances, it is easy for […]

October 10, 2022

We are taking part in #helloyellow by wearing yellow at VisionWorks and microbz to give our support to this very important issue. It seems as we move forward the pressures […]

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