World Mental Health Day – Hello Yellow

Posted on October 10, 2022
Hand with yellow flowers

We are taking part in #helloyellow by wearing yellow at VisionWorks and microbz to give our support to this very important issue. It seems as we move forward the pressures on us all are increasing from almost every angle so it is essential we all put some thought and care into our mental health and the mental health of those around us. Mental health will become an ever increasing issue. It certainly is not going away – far from it – as the number of people who suffer in varying degrees from mental health issues is growing and will continue to do so. Also it is not confined to any particular group. It is an issue across all ages and ethnic groups. The number of people on medication is huge and growing so we all must put our minds together to address this issue.

We can all learn skills to address mental health so we can apply ourselves to finding better and better ways to transform it. For all of us this challenge will coming visiting at some point and like most of these things it will come when we will struggle to deal with it with our own resources. It is important to remember that our mind is amazingly powerful and so we must learn to drive it well: in good condition and with consciousness it can provide us with joy and success; however left to its own devices it can take us in the opposite direction.

We already know many things that help our mental health, and the first is not to withdraw from it, not to hide away and hope it goes away because most likely it will not. Asking for help is essential, talking with friends and family about what is going on, internally and externally. Attitude is important, a strong belief you will overcome it rather than cope with it and then community, family and friends. We hope today is a rallying call for everyone to come together and support each other because none of us is immune from mental health issues. Developing a good practice of mindfulness or any of the other myriad of practices that help with mental health.

Today would be a good day to reach out to anyone who is facing depression or isolation in the knowledge that while it helps another it always certainly helps us.

With love,
Jeff and Sue

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