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Posted on October 17, 2019
Image of a newborn baby

We dedicate this newsletter to welcoming Winona Rae Ward, our fifth grandchild, to the world.

We recognise every child that chooses to come to the world at this time has a mission to help in some way. As we cuddle this tiny newborn who has made the journey to join us, we wonder what life has in store for her.

Her safe arrival has heralded many congratulations and much happiness. A new birth reminds us of our vulnerability, our tenderness, our innocence, and our potential. It is a sweet time of sharing and coming together, not just as a family but also as a community. At my networking coffee morning last week, there was far more spontaneous excitement about Winona‚Äôs birth than about the new Bio-Live for Women probiotic that we launched last year.

We are also reminded that, as we are heading towards the end of our lives, we feel called to do all we can to leave this world in better shape than we found it. We feel the need to redouble our efforts to achieve that because it is questionable right now if the world is heading in a good direction or not. Our world is going through a birth process, which can be seen by the painful divisions and conflicts in so many countries. In the midst of so much polarisation it seems that moving forward is impossible. Brexit is a perfect example of this paralysis; you could be forgiven for thinking that nobody genuinely wants a solution, despite the claims on all sides.

This is the birth process, that we would be willing to birth ourselves in to a new renaissance where we transcend the challenges that we all face, individually and collectively. Being willing to move into a fresh and unfamiliar reality in some way, as Winona has done, would be a contribution each of us could make.

With love,

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