Time for Celebration

Posted on December 22, 2019
Pine branch in snow

It is amazing how we are more afraid of success and happiness than staying in our negative thoughts, or in our old ways. Jeff and I have been working with this over the last weeks, how we sabotage ourselves even when we know the pitfalls.

As winter takes hold, we can feel a longing for the lighter days when we could be busy doing outside things. Along with the dark days, everything seems to be closing in, feeling murky and uncertain. There is a lot to do and accomplish; yet our inner resources seem depleted and empty. It is a difficult time of year for many of us.

We forget that winter is a time to look inwards, face the darkness and nourish our spirit. We cannot be impatient for the new spring; it will come when it is time. Meanwhile, these weeks invite us to reflect on what is not working, and reach for healing whatever damaging thoughts and emotions we indulge in so readily, that sap our success and happiness. The more we are able to surrender to that winter feeling, and deal with what comes up, the more joyous will be the new life.

It takes courage to go in a different direction, to ask for help, or to trust others and ourselves instead of believing our negative thoughts and emotions. For this we need to keep communicating, keep asking our higher mind for help, feeding our own souls, and closing any distance between us and other significant people in our lives.

And as we come together with friends and loved ones this Christmas, may we reap the rewards of cleaning up those negative patterns that may have surfaced to test us once more. Christmas is a time of friendship, community and love; celebrating that will lead us to safety and hope.

With our love and blessings for a very happy Christmas and New Year.

See you on the other side!

Sue and Jeff

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