The Perfect Place

Posted on February 20, 2020
Drying flowers

Ask anyone where his or her perfect place is or could be and the answers would be many and varied, some most likely not even on this planet. We might secretly dream of our perfect place and the situation we would be in and the people we might share it with and all the endless happiness and bliss it would bring us. Ahhh, the very thought of leaving our present life and being in Nirvana, that Viking heaven tailor made for sailors!

So much time and effort goes into doing everything possible to get out of the life we have and create the life we believe will make us happy. For many of us the purpose of any change is to leave here and get there as soon as possible, and we work as hard as possible (or get others to work as hard as possible) to achieve that step. I am afraid to say I don’t think that is change; that is more running away, running away to a fantasy world. Even if you did get there it would soon start developing cracks and the smell might not be the best.

Hate to say it but the place you are in right now, no matter what is happening, is the perfect place for you.

As we settle into the new decade, many family patterns are showing up for us and remembering this principle is uppermost in our minds. This is the perfect place to learn the next lesson we so need to learn, to deal with any judgments or grievances we have. Once we have done that and reached a place of peace and understanding life will move us forward as gently as possible into a place for . . . our next lesson. With each step we become happier and achieve more success as well as gaining maturity and wisdom.

There are no short cuts to this process called life. When you can be in a state of joy and stay there, no matter the circumstances in your present situation, or the situation going on in your world, then you must know you have almost cracked it. For in this state of joy comes the possibility of us escaping this reality and finding and experiencing what we call ‘the real world’.

Today would be a good day to look around and remind yourself you are in the perfect place. No-one has made a mistake or cast you down, you are here of your own making and the lesson is present, right here and right now. Remember no matter how it appears you have the ability and tools to learn the lesson and move forward; we are never in a place where there is no way out, provided we are willing to change and learn. Give yourself to that and only that, for judging others or wishing things could be different locks you into the situation, and complaining is basically an attack on yourself that makes you powerless.

Let us be vigilant with our thoughts today; when we find ourselves longing for things to be different ask instead, ”how is right here, right now the perfect place for me?” And make space to listen for the answer, knowing when it lands that it signals the direction of truth and integrity for you and everyone else in the situation.

With our love

Sue and Jeff

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