The Perfect Place

Posted on July 30, 2021
Wooden path

The Perfect Place

In our daily work we meet with people who ask us to help them change their situation in some aspect of their lives, be that in money issues, relationships, or health. While it is true we set ourselves up as change agents and profess to help people heal themselves and achieve happiness and success, it is also true we know that whatever situation we are in on any level is the best place for us to be to learn the next lesson in our evolution and our growth in consciousness.

There are no accidents and we do not live in a random universe. It may appear that way but let’s examine that statement from a human and unaware state. It would be like looking at the workings of a massive and complex machine but only seeing one tiny aspect of it. Naturally it would appear chaotic and random. But as we increase our awareness and our consciousness, slowly and benignly the awesomeness of the universe reveals itself. 

This journey is the journey we have all come to take and we did sign up for it, evidenced by the simple fact that we are here. On this journey we will be asked to learn many lessons and to grow. We will go from situation to situation and each step of the way will be laid out before us. Depending on our attitude to change and growth, if we are willing to be a good student, we will learn that there is an order to this world and there is a solution and way out of every situation we face. Each time we meet a challenge and make the shift we become wiser, more mature and kinder to ourselves and the people around us.

We are always in the perfect place to learn the next lesson. The speed to which we are willing to engage and learn will be the speed that we get back to a place of happiness and even joy. But if we resist this process then whatever we resist will persist. All pain comes from our resistance to this process. 

For all of us, including ourselves, it is essential to keep in mind that the purpose of this world is as a giant classroom no matter what age we are, and we are the students not the teacher. The teacher is not cruel and would never put us in a situation to which there is not a way out. No matter what crisis we face – health, environmental or relationship – there is a way to find a path back to happiness and ourselves. All we need to do is open our minds and allow ourselves to be helped and taught. 

So – deep breath – we suggest that firstly we take responsibility and accountability for whatever situation we are in today, right now. Look for the lesson wanting to be revealed, and in each one of those lessons will be a gift, an aspect of ourselves that we have come to be and to contribute, and that gift will typically be the antidote to the problem. Then and only then can we truly move out of our place of pain, remembering that each time we do make that shift it is not only for us but for all humanity, because we are in this together as one.

With love,

Jeff and Sue

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