The Calling

Posted on February 22, 2021
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We seem to be heading for the beginning of the end of a cycle. Here in the UK, we are eyeing the end of a tough lockdown and the idea of a gentle easing of restrictions tempts us all, maybe a bit like people emerging from their shelters after the passing of a hurricane.

We will emerge into a world that has fundamentally changed and while the actual disease of Covid has wreaked havoc with certain sections of our population the direct effects will soon pass. However, what will take many years to overcome will be the economic effects to our lives. Currently we hear on the news from Texas in the USA, a state whose byword is separation, go it alone, don’t join with others; now they face an environmental problem and the infrastructure has been found lacking. They are being asked to change but the voices for what they call individual freedom have short memories. Hopefully we will not.

Like all crises, which are in truth a call for us to change, Covid is no different. So it falls to us all as individuals to be willing to come together to find a better way. Great forces are beginning to move against us; we are being asked to give up a level of our superiority and arrogance and to once again learn to align ourselves with nature. Many of us have built a comfortable and convenient world, but it is very far from being harmonious and certainly not equal.

Equality is an important ingredient in both good relationships and in success and that would be a good place for us to start our next step. A commitment to achieving greater equality across the board in our society and to our willingness to align ourselves with nature which is also our nature.

When challenges are great then the call for us to face them can become the start of an adventure, of learning how to face and overcome a challenge, and apply ourselves. It is like climbing a tall mountain taking it step by step, not giving up, supporting each other until we reach the summit of that cycle. At the top we find we have grown; we have all done our bit, we have taken on our leadership and everyone has benefited from our collective effort.

That mountain lies before us now and the idea we will return to our comfortable homes and stick our head in the sand is to expose our most tender part to the forces of the universe. That direction will not end well.

There is a force out there, to which we are being asked to align collectively and personally. It is the power of life, a sacred gift we have been given from the moment of our birth. And yet we have drifted far from it. In many ways we have tried to make it our servant, to subdue it and in some instances negate it. We have built medical models, food models and economic models that fly in the face of that force, and now is the time we are being asked to change ‘our way’ in its many forms.

We would like to look at our grandchildren and say that we have done our best to create a livable and harmonious world, for all the grandchildren and for theirs. Now that is a calling!

With love,

Jeff and Sue

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