Spring forward

Posted on April 6, 2023
two dandelions

As nature starts a new cycle – Spring – we are also called to move forward in our lives. The need for change is ever pressing and the pressure seems to be growing, since we seem to be dragging our heels in fundamental change in our own lives.

We are back from Spain where we held our 5 day Vital Health workshop which had many varying energies and powerful processes. A few days were tough, but the outcome was graceful and even a little magical. Each of the eight family groups ‘chose’ a country which they were asked to identify with and see that country as a reflection of what was going on in their lives. On the last day they were asked to perform as a group: the problem they saw reflected in that country, the solution to the problem, and lastly the outcome. All performances were inspiring and often very funny. The shift in energy in the group was massive and that evening was the first time it rained heavily for many months in northern Spain.

The problems’ themes were basically levels of separation, including greed and dissociation. The ego outcomes were in vivid display and the resulting fights were easy to see. The solutions were typically ending the divisions, coming together and lastly celebrating and enjoying ourselves and others in a place of intimacy and connectedness.

Polarization was common to all the countries, as it is with us here in the UK in many ways. It seems that polarization is an outcome of our unwillingness to change and move forward. Diverging views lead to separation and then power struggles and fights, all are symptoms of our collective unwillingness to change. We communicate to others our demand that they change; but what we demand of others is what we are not doing.

The result of the split is increased fear that then feeds further attacks and greater levels of polarization which creates more distance. And fear is always a product of distance. This is all ego driven, and whenever we listen to the ego’s solution to a problem, we create another problem.

Time for us to start listening to the other voice that is always there but is quiet and luckily patient. We need to stop listening to the voice for separation and therefore polarization and start to go for a much higher game. Sure, there will be some uncertainties, but we could look on them as adventure and possibilities, mixed with a little more hope and willingness. We also need to stand up and be counted for we are all being called to leadership and a better way.

Make that choice. And move into the spring of this cycle of our lives.

Have a happy Easter full of new promise,

With love,
Jeff and Sue

Embracing Change

If you want to take the next step and move forward then join us for our Spring workshop on the farm.

Embracing Change – saying Yes! to life

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