Posted on November 13, 2020

It seems like we have been in a time of chaos, a time when events move much faster than our ability to respond effectively to them. This is just the beginning for humanity as the challenges are coming in the form of global climate issues, systems of government, equality, sustainability and limited resources. These issues while they are separate are also totally interwoven; to be successful we need to pass all these tests not just one.

So now we face the question: how?

First, we need to resist the temptation to look at the problem and see it as so massive that we attempt to break it down into small pieces, so then we feel can deal with it effectively. This route means certain failure, because breaking the problem down is a destructive process in itself and when we attempt to bring the pieces back together the horse will become a goat. The question we are all being asked at this time in history is, “how do we need to change and evolve that we might deal with these issues in their entirety?”

Obviously, the answer would ask us to change and evolve rapidly and very extensively in order that we have something to gift to our children and their children. I would love that my grandchildren and their children could enjoy aspects of the world that I did and again return to a time of abundance and peace, both of which start in the mind before they become real.

The task before us is humongous, almost insurmountable, a climb of the Matterhorn by an invalid. It is basically asking the impossible, so where do we start? I believe the answer is by learning and being willing to be in service to each other and to the world.

Let’s imagine we swapped our desire for consumerism for a desire to serve humanity. Naturally it would need small steps and maybe we would not change much of what we are doing, but we would change the focus. It seems that the process currently unfolding in the USA reflects that possibility of going from a totally ego driven agenda to one of a lifetime of public service. Part of everyone one’s purpose in this life is service and we certainly cannot attain a sense of fulfillment without it. A life that is devoid of service means we are locked in a place of merely taking. Our purpose is the contribution we promised we would make this time around. For our survival we must embrace this aspect of our lives and while many might argue against it, take a moment and consider the alternatives. Humanity is facing a major step in our evolution and it calls for us to change massively, but the way forward starts with the question, “are you willing to help?”

And when the answer is yes then the way forward will show itself.

With our love,

Jeff and Sue

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