Return To Love

Posted on April 30, 2024
Loving couple

We have chosen this title for our 10 day seminar in September in the inspiring surroundings of Salisbury Cathedral close.

Return to Love resonates with us because love is where we came from so it is natural that we return to our source. In truth there is a part of us that has never left that reality.  But there is a vociferous part of us that tells all sorts of stories of separation and the power of the ego. 

Unfortunately, the concept of Love has a bit of a bad name, even though we all claim to desire it. However, our fear of it is obvious. The problem starts if we have a belief that Love hurts. Therefore if we give ourselves in love we put ourselves in danger and the likelihood of loss. Yet if we examine this dynamic it  does not make any sense. The idea that the greatest creative force in the universe can cause us pain and hurt does not seem possible – and it is not. 

What hurts is not love but neediness and we have so often confused these two very different energies. Neediness sets up the belief that there is something out there that will make us whole or happy or safe which in turn sets up a belief in taking. It is this taking energy that lies at the root of all our pain and hurt and results in so much dysfunction in our relationships and in our lives, for it is a universal law which states NO TAKING ALLOWED.

Love on the other hand takes nothing. Love is at the core of the principles of giving. It is through our giving that we express our love from a place of being wholehearted, passionate and centered. This willingness to give then starts the cycle of giving and receiving which becomes the engine that drives our consciousness, because through our giving we find out who we really are. Love also sets up the experience of our lives because – as the saying goes – what you are putting out is what is coming back. 

Sometimes it is important to audit what is going on in our lives and recognize it is a direct reflection of what we are giving out. So if what is going on in your life is not making you happy then it is time to get honest about what you are really doing and become willing to change your mind.

Love is not just an idea, it is a real experience you can see, you can feel, and even taste. Love is tangible and it changes everything. It is also our inheritance, so maybe the time has come for more of us to make this journey for our own sake, for our families’ sake and for the world’s sake.  It all starts with people like you and me. 

With love,

Jeff and Sue

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