Discovering Me – KS3 Special Units


Designed to improve behaviour and raise self-esteem, this scheme of work can be used with mixed age and ability groups. Flexible and modular, it comes with a full facilitator’s guide and teaching notes.

Please contact us on 01249 409001 if you encounter any problems downloading.

Mendip Inclusion Project, Somerset currently provides outreach work to schools to support pupils at risk of exclusion. They have been using Discovering Me and say:

“I find the resources helpful to students in progressing their thinking about owning their behaviour.”

“I have experienced students having fun with the resources and the ideas. Students who have successfully accessed the positive reflective thinking have shown improvements in attendance avoiding exclusion.”

“In schools where the lessons have been used there appears to be a genuine interest from staff.”

“As a teacher I find the ideas interesting to deliver and the interaction makes a stimulating lesson.”


Discovering Me is ideal for small units needing an effective emotional literacy programme to use over a number of weeks. Designed to improve behaviour and raise self esteem, the programme is an adapted version of our core programme It’s OK Being Me. Flexible and modular, it can be used with mixed age and ability groups and comes with a full facilitator’s guide, teaching notes and materials. Included in this download:

  • Comprehensive 12 module scheme of work with 60 activities
  • Full teaching notes and materials for each module
  • Full facilitator’s teaching guide
  • Covers 5 key domains of Emotional Intelligence
  • Flexible and easy-to-use in mixed ability groups