Control and Trust


Control happens when we are trying to make our goals all work our way, and when things don’t go as we want we fight others and use control to try and reach the conclusion that we believe is correct.

But the answer never comes from just one side. The answer comes from the  energy of both sides. When we put our trust in a partner, colleague or friend, we listen at a deeper level, with willingness and openness, and that leads to change.


Trust is a very powerful aspect of the mind, one of the natural healing abilities we all have and we can use it to heal any situation. 

When we don’t trust our partners, friends, or family then they become the enemy, and we try to get them back on our side by controlling them.

But in control there is no room for  growth and we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. When we invest trust in our communication, we can begin to build new views, new solutions, and move forward together.

This 33 page booklet will help you move away form control and open your heart to trust yourself, others, and life’s process.