Interesting Times

Posted on March 19, 2020
Purple flowers

There is an old Chinese saying that goes, “may you live in interesting times.” This is certainly that time and we definitely have the opportunity to learn many, many things we did not know before the beginning of this year.

Last weekend we came back from a 5-day health seminar in Spain, which was well attended and, while not an epic, was deep and significant as we felt into the face of the storm. Miraculously we all made it back with so far no casualties. While we completed on the theme of gratitude, we touched many other bases, especially about centring and connecting to source and the old chestnut of giving and receiving. Overall it was certainly a lesson on the gift of good timing.

Back home in the UK my shopping trip on Monday was an eye opener; to be in contact with that fear, need and competition was startling. This is a time when we witness the underbelly of our society and see how very little needs to happen to bring many unaddressed issues to the surface. It certainly focused for me that the major issue with our present human experience is the almost total lack of consciousness and awareness. Hopefully this is the major lesson of this time and if we want to avoid revisiting this level of fear we need to apply ourselves to raising our consciousness. If we were locked away for several weeks, this would be top of my list of activities.

The world is certainly facing a crisis and a crisis is a choice point. We have been refusing to change and shift and finally it had to get this bad for us to recognise the crossroads we face. Hopefully after this we will start to make much better choices because if you think this is bad then very close is the environmental emergency which has more far reaching and much more significant consequences.

The lesson in Coronavirus, as in all respiratory illnesses, is about giving up control and facing the fear of being overwhelmed. We had built such a predictable world, when holidays were easily booked and they happened just the way we wanted. But today that control is no longer there and our true ability to influence events has been put into another perspective.

Another lesson of history, which I will do my best to remember, is that the people who are more altruistic at times like this usually come out well. However, the self-interested and competitive often suffer the issue they are defending against. It is sensible to self-isolate when it is appropriate but on every other level we can reach out and get through this together. It is not about not having fear, as that is to be in denial, but rather not to become a slave to your fear and remember the many lessons in consciousness we have learnt during the good times because now we need them.

With love and blessings that you and others around you stay well,


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