Interesting Times

Posted on March 28, 2019
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We are certainly living in interesting times and if right now you find your life boring you must really have your head in the sand, which is leaving your stern pretty exposed. We could start with the climate. It certainly takes a massive level of denial to continue ignoring the changes going on in the natural world. It seems every week there is a catastrophic weather event as demonstrated by the cyclone/hurricane in Southern Africa that basically turned a country into a lake. At the same time Australia had two category 4 hurricanes. Then there are the fires and the droughts, with the loss and destruction of natural habitats.

Then we turn to conflict. The Middle East teeters on the edge of war if not being at war. Many democracies have very split and polarised groups making progress slow or non-existent. One Iraqi soldier said in an interview that he had fought a number of wars starting with 8 years with Iran, then against the Americans and lastly with ISIS. He said that while all war was traumatic, fighting ISIS was a whole level deeper – more brutal, savage and without bounds. And that seems so indicative of the world we live in today. There is more energy and almost less civilisation.

Mass murders occur in many places; here in the UK we are caught in an unrelenting cycle of knife crime, even innocents stabbed for no discernible reason. Then of course there is BREXIT where we here in the UK seem to be caught in paralysis, the proverbial deer in the headlights as our institutions seem no longer capable to lead and the fear is so great that coming together is all but impossible.

It seems the energy of the times is, when you try and go it alone things go very wrong, so now we are called to really learn the lessons of partnership and relationship. It is as if we are moving into a time when the unconscious aspect of man, so long buried by our veneer of civilisation, is pushing to the surface. It is like the waves have now doubled in size and the old ways are no longer working, and we would not want them too if we are in our right minds. What this means for us mere mortals is that if we learn to align ourselves to this energy, to this force, then we can get into the fast lane; but if we go against it, it becomes like a death roll.

If we lift our focus and look around the world we can see many, many wonderful examples of people striving, growing and reaching places of joy and happiness in community with others. It is essential now that we consciously choose to move in that direction for our own safety and wellbeing, to love and support and include each other and put into daily and visible practice what many of us know in our hearts.

With love

Sue and Jeff

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