How Form Follows Thought

Posted on May 17, 2019
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As we look out onto our world, we tend to respond to it in whatever way we feel we need.

In some cases we are drawn towards a person or event and other times it’s the opposite. So basically what we are doing is following form – how things appear – with our thoughts. But that is not the nature of our minds, for where it all starts is as a thought; it is our thoughts that create form and subsequently our experience.

Let’s give you an example of this dynamic in a relationship. Recently during a seminar in Leipzig, Germany, the focus person shared how her and her partner’s sex life had become difficult. The main issue seemed to be his desire for sex and her reluctance due to her finding the act so painful. Now we really get that some people do have a medical condition, but when I asked her about sex months before this time she spoke of how she had enjoyed sex. However in this case I spoke with her about having more understanding and balance in the relationship and while she found that a good idea she still asked, “but what about the pain?”

I then spoke of the pain being a result of the fight. If we have some grievance in our relationship and at some point it continues to a power struggle, then from the thoughts we have all else follows. Therefore if we remove the grievance, change our thinking, then the form will change and hopefully we get back to the honeymoon.

So when we speak of consciousness, it is that field of thought that we have from which all else flows. It is this level of consciousness that we all need to become more aware of and develop. Sadhguru puts it this way “Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you create in your mind. You must be able to direct it the way you wish.” We also believe that it is this shift in consciousness that we are all called to make and so in raising our level of consciousness we can save not only ourselves but even the planet.

The Bible states, “in the beginning there was the word.” So if we take that to mean, “thought,” and that thought is the basis of consciousness, that is where it all starts and is the base of creation. Consciousness is the part of us that is at our core and will be the part of us that will continue long after all form. It is from this consciousness that all our thoughts flow, and the basis of our nature is our humanity, the recognition that everything you want for yourself you also want for everyone, which leads to our generosity and it is that which reflects our spirit.

So it is essential to remember the world that we look out on is a world created from our minds, our consciousness. Which is the good news, because if that is the case we can now build the world we most deeply desire. Today would be a good day to start and just in case you are tempted not to then consider the alternative, living in a world created by another’s ego!!

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