Health Consciousness

Posted on November 26, 2021

We live in a time when health has come to the forefront of most of our minds and this vital subject, we believe, offers a chance to increase our knowledge and understanding. Maybe some of us hark back to a time when we took our health for granted, believing we lived in a benign world and provided we cut out the cigarettes and reduced our alcohol intake we were good to go. However, the universe seems to be telling us that we need to become much more aware of our health and the health of the world around us, for these two are linked and inter-dependent.

To start at the root of our health we need to start with our own minds for that is where it all begins and ends. To put it simply, when we are anxious and stressed, obsessed or fearful as well as many other negative emotions and feelings, it means our mind is no longer working with us in a healthy relationship. When we are caught in these webs it means our mind is now working against us and our health.

Our mind is a powerful aspect of us, and we do need to become conscious of what it is doing and in which direction it is going. We must remember our mind is our mind and no-one else’s so it is within our power to direct it as we wish. Most of us throughout our lives have used our mind a little like a garbage bin, dumping anything we don’t like or are unwilling to address or investigate. Often anxiety and panic attacks are a result of overfull mental garbage bins that are about to blow and by then we can feel our mind is not our own. As the world speeds up and pressures grow it becomes increasingly important that we all ensure we take a healthy attitude to developing and creating a peaceful and harmonious mind, so it becomes an essential tool to develop the world we wish to inhabit, internally and externally. This will not happen by chance: it will be the outcome of our willingness to work on our mental health and this needs to become a conscious process.

Then we come to our physical health. Let’s start with the understanding that our bodies are naturally neutral. If that is true, then our physical ailments can be seen as issues of the mind that we have been unwilling to address and so are now showing up as issues in our physical bodies. It is true there are times we need to take medication or follow a course of treatment, but every illness also has a psychosomatic aspect that is important to address. We need to keep in mind that our illnesses are the effect of buried causes; we live in a world of cause and effect, and it is important we are conscious of which is the cause, and which is the effect. If we don’t then we become like the driver who believes that the warning light on the dashboard can be solved by simply smashing the light bulb.

It is also important to recognise that our willingness to maintain a healthy mind is a gift to the world and an acknowledgement of the gift of life that we have been given. Life is a sacred gift and in turn calls for our devotion to life in all its forms. Our willingness to grow our consciousness of this truth will be our greatest contribution to the health of our plant.

People who have grown their consciousness treat themselves and the world around them with kindness and compassion, doing all they can to achieve a state of harmlessness in the knowledge that whatever we inflict on others we also inflict on ourselves.

For several years now with VisionWorks and Microbz we have focused more and more on health, developing our probiotic microbial range and also turning our focus to that essential relationship between our minds and our bodies. Over many years of working with people with dire health challenges we have accrued a knowledge and an empathy in this field, and we wish to share what we have learned with the people around us.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our health events over the coming months.

With love,

Jeff and Sue

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