Posted on March 18, 2022

As part of humanity we have many purposes, but we all have one common purpose and that is to be happy.

That principle then sets up a second purpose for all humanity: if we are not happy then there is something we need to heal to regain our happiness. So, our healing is another common purpose. Unfortunately, if we don’t take this step we readjust to our unhappiness and resort to a life filled with complaints and reactions.

Happiness is a choice, and we need to make that choice constantly. But as well as thinking about or working on ways of making yourself happy, we recommend you also start to visit all the times and places where you have chosen un-happiness. Once we give up all the reasons we have chosen unhappiness then happiness is there; it is our natural state.

Unhappiness – what a powerful weapon! Let’s face it, maybe the most potent form of revenge is our unhappiness. How often have we have used it to blame others and make them pay for our perceived grievances? Think of the times we have returned home to our parents with tales of bad luck or poor relationships, with our faces extended to the ground, in states of great unhappiness. Our unhappiness becomes that accusing finger saying,” look what you have done to me!” or, “because of what you are I am now like this!”. All this is our reaction to failed attempts to take from others, making the whole world about ourselves.

Happiness is a result of our giving. Many years ago, a group of psychologists in the USA went on search of the happiest person in America and after some time found him working loading grain barges on the Mississippi. Their conclusion was he was the happiest person because from the moment he woke until he went to sleep he fully gave himself to others and to his work, to everything he did with no expectations or demands.

It seems to work a little like this: first we give and then through our giving we get to know who we are and the gifts we have. Then we start loving ourselves and then we are happy. Then all good things start coming to us and we are even more happy, and then we can share that with our friends and even our family!

Victor Frankel who was tortured in a POW camp during WW2 wrote afterwards that no matter what anyone does to you, you still get to choose your feelings about the experience. No-one else has that power over us. How we choose to experience any situation is our choice alone and whatever we choose so it will be. When we combine this understanding with the belief that happiness is the best revenge (because it is no revenge) then we are free to live whatever life we choose.

This Sunday, take some time to bring to mind at least three reasons in any part of your life to be unhappy. Then ask yourself, “what could I give to this person or situation instead of my unhappiness?” Trust whatever answer intuitively comes to you and, as you choose to embrace that energy, notice how you feel.

Mahatma Gandhi came at it slightly differently. He said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” In truth there are many teachings about happiness and this Sunday on, International Day of Happiness, we invite you to choose one!

With our love,

Jeff and Sue

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