Going Backwards

Posted on July 1, 2022

The world appears to be going backwards and going backwards in every way and in every place. Naturally some are big issues like the war in Ukraine – it is the unimaginable that we would revert to war in Europe in the 21 st century. And the reversal of Roe vs Wade in USA is a massive backward step driven by conservatism and judgement with an obvious substantial dose of guilt. Here in Brexit Britain our leader has suggested we return to imperial measurements, so everyone can learn how many ounces in a pound amongst other reversals of previous policies. Our health service which is world renowned is now becoming a shadow of its former self and don’t start us on environmental issues especially the price we are paying for years of over-dependence on fossil fuels.

It could be a time to throw our hands in the air and head for the nearest sand pit to bury our heads from our present creations. Our pessimist nature would certainly play to that. However, once we examine the process, or the unfolding of what is happening, another possibility emerges.

We as humans face massive challenges in any if not all aspects of our civilisation. Our survival requires that we take a massive leap forward, a leap that includes everyone, where everyone is housed and fed. Firstly, it requires a leap in consciousness because our level of ignorance regarding life and life preserving processes is in a very dark place. Our ambitions are mostly limited to winning in any and every aspect, followed by the car we drive, our style of clothes and the size of our refrigerator. 

It now seems natural that the energy is about going backwards because only then do we get the opportunity to look at the foundations of our civilisation.

We are being asked to examine the pillars of our institutions, the beliefs and self-concepts we have about others and ourselves, and the way we function in this world, and then let go of what is not working. This needs to be done on a personal, interpersonal and a collective level, because to attempt the shift the world is being asked to make with all this baggage will result in a tragic fall. The pressure of the wave is building and that wave will wipe many of us out; the changes will be forced onto us by the collapse of our structures and institutions. Can we become light enough on our feet in every way and avoid being swamped by the wave that is coming? Can we invite that shift in consciousness from which meaningful answers will come?

‘Business as usual’ is a rallying cry for going in the wrong direction. The time has come for us to face our fears and learn to give up our dependence. We have given so much of our power to big business and now we are all paying for this dependence. We understand that when the time comes to break dependencies things can become unstable and frightening but now is the time to do the letting go; maybe there were benefits to some of these institutions in the past, but they will not be fit for purpose for the changes we all need to make to achieve a sustainable way of life for every living thing on earth.

The warnings are all around us. Although one of our greatest fears is the fear of change, better that we face it before it is forced on us is because either way it is upon us. Keeping in mind that there is always a solution to every problem, the only question is how much do we need to change to find the answers? This starts with us, and it could start today.

What could we change within ourselves, our relationships, our families, our companies, and our countries, that would herald a solution beyond business as usual?

With love,

Jeff and Sue

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