Fear of Change

Posted on December 1, 2022

The only thing that is certain in this life is change. It is the nature of the planet as well as the Universe we live in. That change we see around us each day, in the seasons, in the clouds that move across the sky, in our constant evolution. Hawaiian elder and national treasure, Nana Veary, titled her book about her spiritual journey “Change We Must.”

The test for each one of us is to live with that change, to be in step with it, because once we lose step with it or start resisting it then we start to suffer, and our world descends into chaos. Many people in their fear of chaos resist change, believing that safety comes from not changing; however that is putting the cart before the horse because the resistance to change will bring about the very dysfunction we fear, which we label chaos or anarchy.

We can see that occurring in our world today, when ultra-conservatism is confronted by the need for change, when the dogma no longer can contain the pressure to change. This is most clearly shown to us in Iran today when that rigidity of thought and behaviour somehow justifies the killing of young Mahsa Amini, for a reason that defies many peoples’ understanding. The resulting protests and further killings clearly demonstrate the underlying forces between the desire for change and the fear of change. We know that there is a massive fear of change because when we act out of fear, then what we create is fear.

We see this fear of change in many places around the world, not only in Iran, but also in Afghanistan and in many western countries. Our inability to grasp and respond to our climate crisis is another massive example of our fear of change. Our dependencies on fossil fuels, certain food production methods, farming techniques and business models are a catalogue of resistance to change. And all pain comes from resistance.

From this perspective we see that the fear of change is an ill of the 21st century and so as we are the ones present then we are the ones who are called to be the change masters. The first step in this to learn to change our consciousness because what makes change safe is seeing things from the highest possible perspective. Then when we do change, we change in a way that is based in intelligence and wisdom and not fear.

It starts with us. While it is easy to look outside and judge others for their fear of change, we can ask, what about ourselves, how rooted are we in our comfort and indulgences? Until we address our own fear of change we cannot condemn others for their fear and dogma, for their suppression of evolution or transformation.

So today, can you acknowledge a shift you are resisting in any area of your life, concerning your health, your wealth, a difficult relationship, or something else? That change may seem challenging, but would you be willing to break through the stuckness and accept the transformation instead?

The world is being asked to take a massive leap to survive and to be able to make that transition each one of us is called on to make some seismic shifts. As we do that for ourselves in an act of leadership then we make it a little easier for all the others that are being called to change, which right now is each one of us!!

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