Women’s Vital Health Retreat

Blackadon Farm Cottages Blackadon Farm, Ivybridge, Devon

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Discover how you can take responsibility for yourself and make profound changes to live the life you love, in harmony with the people you love.

£650.00 – £800.00

Return to Love

Zoom Online, Zoom

All our needs are fundamentally a need for love. But because we are not aware of what’s driving us, we get pulled off course

Zurück zur Liebe 12.-13. Februar 2022

Zoom Online, Zoom

Das Kraftvolle an einem Gruppen-Workshop ist, dass man ein Gruppenbewusstsein kreiert, das uns allen den Weg der größtmöglichen Heilung aufzeigt. Es ist diese Verbundenheit, die unseren Prozess der Rückkehr zur Liebe, offenbart und unterstützt.

Vital Health Retreat Spain

Eden Roc Resort Eden Roc Hotel, Girona, Punta de Port Salvi, 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain

Being part of Vital Health 2022 is your chance to re-boot and re-evaluate in this coastal paradise ably assisted by hosts, Jeff and Sue Allen and the Vital Health team who will support you every step of the way.

£490.00 – £570.00

Vital Health Retreat Spanien 29. März – 2. April 2022

Eden Roc Resort Eden Roc Hotel, Girona, Punta de Port Salvi, 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain

Das Vital Health Retreat 2022 bietet dir eine Gelegenheit zur Reflektion und Neuausrichtung deines Lebens an der reizvollen spanischen Costa Brava. Dabei wirst du von den fähigen Seminarleitern Jeff und Sue Allen sowie dem Vital Health Team bei jedem Schritt auf deinem Weg liebevoll unterstützt.

£490.00 – £570.00

Trust in Love – it will lead you to success

Abensburg, Germany Abensburg, Germany

Sue Allen, with German translationHow much do you trust in anything you cannot see, touch or prove?Do you believe your success depends on hard work? On luck? On your natural […]

Spring Wellness Wednesday

Spirthill 2 Naish House, Calne, Wiltshire

Spring is the time for good energy and creation. Traditionally Spring brings the evils of windy weather. This affects our LIVER! It is the best time to update your view on lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional health. Learn how to detox, declutter the mind and body and prepare for the wonderful Summer energy of creation ahead.


Secrets of Successful Relationships

Spirthill 2 Naish House, Calne, Wiltshire

Become an expert on those things that support life and love : intimacy, communication, forgiveness, letting go, giving and receiving, trust and commitment. The support of every loving and successful relationship - be that with a partner, a friend, a parent or a child - gives us wings beneath our feet and is the bedrock of our health and happiness.

£240.00 – £475.00

Healing Generational Trauma

Zoom Online, Zoom

Online event with Sue and Jeff Allen

Each intergenerational trauma offers us windows into personal healing that in turn affect the whole - the web is connected at many points.

£160.00 – £350.00

Love Transcends Fear

Abensburg, Germany Abensburg, Germany

German translated seminar with Jeff Allen

Times of great changes, as well as health or financial crises, can be very demanding and trigger old insecurities and fears. How about investing our energy in areas, which brings us closer to our true nature and helps us find joy? Creating a feeling, of life in a beautiful and loving world, so we can reopen our hearts?

Claiming Your Purpose

Spirthill 2 Naish House, Calne, Wiltshire

This end of year workshop is an opportunity to explore the blocks that keep us small, treading paths of least resistance and ‘making do’. With the support of the group, we can embrace the adventure of discovering or recommitting to our purpose.


Love Your Life

Abensburg, Germany Abensburg, Germany

German translated seminar with Sue Allen.

Do you sometimes feel battered by life? Have you experienced great loss or disappointment and wanted to withdraw into yourself? When we withdraw, we lose contact and joy, and we are weakened, maybe even depressed. Our confidence to succeed, to receive love and enjoy life greatly decreases.

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