Let love catch you


When we make choices coming from a place of love, then that choice creates love.Because love is the energy the choice is coming from, then everything in life starts to […]


How love works – Facebook Live


With Jeff and Sue AllenWe had a really good time doing Facebook Lives during this second lockdown….so we’re back.Join us on a Monday evening at 6pm for around half an […]

Letting Go of Lockdown


With Jeff and Sue AllenWe have individually and collectively been through an unprecedented year, one that has challenged us to face feelings of loneliness and separation, fear and loss. Yet […]

£195 – £350

Grace and Miracles


With Jeff Allen, and translated to German by Paribhasha Steitz-AndelThere comes the point where we become better at receiving love, and as our ability to receive grows, we begin to […]

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