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Freedom to be Yourself – a life without sacrifice and stress

September 30 - October 01

September 30, 2023 October 1, 2023

Sue and Jeff Allen

Online event with Sue and Jeff Allen

Being yourself may sound easy, but it is a powerful and purposeful journey that is not for the half-hearted. It can be a lifetime voyage that requires awareness and courage, for the traps of sacrifice and stress were set in place at an early age for many of us.

This workshop will focus on exploring any blocks to our authenticity, and changing those deep-seated, self-defeating patterns and issues that underpin our defences and roles.

Join us online for these two days, to learn life skills to transform negative patterns and free yourself to be more comfortable in your own skin. Then you can move forward with new confidence, enjoying a lighter life for yourself and for everyone you love.


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The whole process lead by your finely tuned intuition, flowed from start to finish in a wonderfully organic way

The energy was great despite it being an online workshop, and was supported by the staff being 100 percent present

we are constantly reminding ourselves of lessons learnt and new information that we have digested. You are both excellent

Since being home I have already achieved more peace by putting to use what I learned on this amazing workshop, thankyou

Helped me to solidify my direction and made me realise I need to step into my power more fully in order to be happy


Sue Allen

Sue is an acclaimed trainer who teaches worldwide. Her quest for knowledge has been a guiding principle in her life, inspiring a lifelong involvement in education.

Sue is a grounded and loving presence with an abiding passion for people and their potential. It is her heart’s desire to encourage environments that enable others to thrive, and empower people to be the best they can be.

Jeff Allen

Jeff is an inspired coach. Born on a farm in north-western Kenya, he formed an early and powerful connection to the land. Jeff’s unique blend of outward adventure, coupled with over 20 years experience of inward adventure, makes him the perfect healing guide.

Jeff inspires people to build bridges between themselves and others, between couples and families, and the greatest bridge: between the divine and earth.

Online requirements

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Saturday: 9 – 12am, 4 – 6pm

Sunday: 9 – 12am, 4 – 6pm

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