Easter and Healing

Posted on April 18, 2019

This weekend we celebrate Easter, a reminder that we can free ourselves from our bonds, a massive possibility for us all. Not necessarily from our physical bonds but much more from the psychological bonds that prevent us experiencing the true feelings of freedom. Freedom is not just doing what you want to do, for that is just doing what you want to do and that is not freedom. Freedom comes from our willingness to align our will, our free will, with God’s and humanity’s will. The first idea of freedom is based on separation and the second idea of freedom is based on union, so the first will imprison you and the second will free you.

Once we set our goal for true freedom then we will all need to learn to change, to use the power of our mind, which is basically choice, to set our course and embrace our healing. A Course in Miracles teaches us that the healing we want is also the healing we are called to want for the world. So many of us at different times pray even beg for healing, for a significant change in our circumstances and then become disappointed or angry when nothing seems to happen. That is basically because we don’t understand the nature of the universe. That nature states that there has to be a flow, a movement of energy which sets up a cycle of giving and receiving so for us to receive then first we are called to give, to give our healing, our love and grace to the world around us.

All too often we get caught in judgement, in levels of condemnation of those around us, and in doing so we imprison those around us and subsequently imprison ourselves. We are called to break this habit and learn to give and give what it is that we would wish for ourselves, and then this starts the shift of energy and healing, change starts to happen; it just can’t be a one way street.

Sadhguru says it so well: “Every word you utter, every action you take in your life, is it for everyone’s well-being, or is it just about you? Just fix this one thing.”

This weekend is not about the crucifixion which is our condemnation but it is about the resurrection, about freeing ourselves and even if you can’t make the full extent of resurrection then just give or receive an erection.

With love and laughter,


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