Christmas 2021

Posted on December 21, 2021
Hands holding holly

Well, where do we start?!

In December all the themes of the year come together for that crash of the symbols that marks the end of a cycle. Doesn’t it seem as if we are ending this cycle in much the same place as we started it? In some bizarre way it feels like the universe is giving our heads another bang on that old brick wall. Then comes the thought that we did not learn much this year, or maybe we did not learn what we could have learnt and the things we did learn were just a little irrelevant or something. Let’s hope in the next cycle we get whatever it is that we need to get so that we can move on.

It is important to remember that this world is a gigantic classroom, and we are all here to learn and evolve. There are a couple of simple principles we need to keep in mind. The first one is the understanding we live in a totally safe world that is totally consistent: if you do it right it will work out right. Many of us keep doing it wrong then complain when things don’t work out. In this case we have the cart before the horse, and we should understand if it is not working out right then we are doing something wrong. The things we are doing wrong cannot be hidden under platitudes and judgmental statements which mean little but are our attempt to hide our true intentions.

The second principle to mention today is a difficult one: whatever our perception is of any situation, be it a relationship, a business or a life issue, that is what we are doing. Most of us are used to projecting behaviours on those around us then blaming others for our unhappiness, but the principle is simple: what you are giving is what you get! For example, if we see our partner as always fighting or angry, then we need to accept that we are fighting and angry.

Many of us put a lot of energy into making our lives comfortable and safe, basically a form of nesting. We certainly go on the attack when we judge this creation to be endangered by others, and it is in these times when we seem to lose all sense of tolerance and basic human compassion. However, for me what I love to do is to journey. To travel and explore and to do that internally or externally is of equal value and right now as outward journeying is a little restricted it is a great time to journey inwardly. Either way the journey is important and while nesting is helpful to replenish and renew it can’t become the dominant energy, for that puts us off course which in itself puts us in danger.

The shortest day of the year marks a time for wintering and going inward; let’s spend a moment in reflection, not forgetting to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements and successes. We hope the new cycle that is about to start in 2022 – a master relationship year – will end the present sequence and we become willing to learn the lessons we need to learn.

We wish you all a joyful and peaceful Christmastime,

With our love,

Jeff and Sue

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