And so the wheel turns

Posted on December 8, 2020
An image of two tractor wheels up against a brick wall

Well, we are nearing the end of a cycle and what a cycle it has been for all of us. Over this time we have been confronted by that which is not working in this world as the flaws in our systems, our governance, our behaviours and our beliefs have been well and truly exposed. Many of us who enjoy a large safety net have been spared the worst of the fallout from this year, but the effects will continue for a few years to come and the need for change is ever more pressing. 

Many of us have made it to the end of this cycle still standing and maybe a small celebration is appropriate as we reflect on it passing. While it will be a gift connecting with our families and loved ones over Christmas, it will also be good to reach out to a wider circle of friends and support and celebrate with them for there is still much to be grateful for and our willingness to be connected keeps us in the game.

Soon the new cycle will begin. As we move further into the 2020s it will be a cycle of change and, especially in 2021, correction. In 2008 we suffered a major financial crisis but as a result we chose not to correct, not to change significantly. And now 12 years later we are being called again to correct our course and steer in a more viable direction. This crisis is calling on us in louder tones to start on that path of correction to a much more humane and sustainable trajectory. We are all being asked to raise our consciousness and find better ways of collectively and individually sharing this earth. This is the home we have all agreed to share at this time and in this place; as we remember there are no accidents we recognise our part in what is going on and the truth that for some reason and some level of destiny we are in the perfect place and the perfect time for what we need to learn and what we can contribute.

For both of us, in our personal lives at the worst of times neither of us could see a reason or even hope to feel any benefit or good feeling about ourselves or our life. But we did keep stepping forward and providence showed up and moved with us. Now with hindsight we realise it had to be that way; it needed to get that bad that we would learn what we needed to learn and start correcting how off course we had wandered. We collectively face that challenge now, and so it is important we hold our faith in the much bigger picture of our evolution and see our contribution soon, recognising its importance for ourselves and for humanity. We are all being called to step up, take up our power and to be in service to our fellow man and to the world in general. Our time is now!

To us, our future direction lies towards nature and what is natural. We are at great risk of losing our connection with nature, to our cost. Yet we can only lose what we no longer value, so the lesson must be to learn to value the natural world – and learn to let go of some of the things we have valued instead.

But before the new cycle, time for a little celebration and a recognition of the love we have for our families and friends and to remember and celebrate that love.

Jeff and Sue

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