An Open Heart

Posted on July 17, 2019
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Years ago I was attending a seminar in London and for me that particular event took me to some very deep places. 

I felt I cleared a lot of past baggage. I went to bed feeling at peace and had a restful night’s sleep and when I awoke in the morning I was in a very different place than was usual for me. Mostly I wake up and start having thoughts about the day ahead, feeling good about the things I really want to do and not so good if I have things to do that might be a bit onerous.

However when I woke that morning I was certainly not in my head, my consciousness was solidly in my heart. It took a little getting used to but I could feel every contraction of my heart muscles, I could feel the flow of blood; but mostly what I felt was this experience, this massive experience of love and as I lay in bed my only thought was how to share this with everybody, it was so generous, it was so abundant, it was so universal. It was as if a door had been opened and given my life an extra plane, a whole new perspective on the world, transcending the limits of my thinking. The feeling of love and compassion was complete!

Sue and I facilitated our Vital Health event in Spain last week, five days of healing, of closeness, of juicing and being juicy. In this most amazing seminar room we witnessed great acts of courage from first timers, of transparency and leadership from old hands and also the friendships and an array of people with their healing methods on display.  During this time I remembered that door, that opening to this other level that adds a richness and wholeness to life and it was so very sweet.

Again there is this call to share it. And I also realize that masters who have gone before resided mostly in this place and what they wanted was just to share this experience with the world, with anyone who had the willingness to stop and listen, yet so few did. Maybe the time has come that we all start to operate from a whole new level. One of the phrases said in Spain a number of times was how the brain is an overrated organ and while a closed heart is not much better an open heart is light years away.

And this begs a question that Sadhguru puts so well. “There is a distance between possibility and reality, and do you have what it takes to walk that distance?” Do we?

With love

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