A 12 module course to enrich parent-child relationships

We all want better relationships with our children. More than a set of rules and recipes, this course offers tools, insights, and a way of exploring the dynamics of your relationships that can put you back on track to a fully—and happily—functioning family.

Structured as a series of 12 Steps, the modular Steps to Conscious Parenting course is based on Psychology of Vision. It offers a fresh perspective on parenting that forgoes simplistic do’s and don’ts for a deeper understanding of why and how.

During the course you will learn how to:

  • Bond with your children while setting healthy boundaries
  • Transform sibling rivalry into healthy appreciation for differences
  • Better understand why your children are behaving the way they are
  • Help children (of any age) with tantrums
  • Take the hell out of battles over nightly homework, meal times, or anything else
  • Respond effectively for lasting change.

Parenting is the arena that can give us the greatest joy in our lives, it is the greatest task we can accomplish to have happy children living in a loving bonded environment. It is possible and we hope this course will provide a giant step in that direction.

– Jeff Allen and Alison Banks, ParentingTutor.co.uk

Contents Overview

Step 1 Getting Started Step 7 Parenting Traps
Step 2 Emotional Intelligence Step 8 Parenting Triumphs
Step 3 Communication Step 9 Family Dynamics and Roles
Step 4 Children’s Development Step 10 The Key to Freedom
Step 5 The Iceberg Model explained Step 11 Block Busting
Step 6 Response – ability Step 12 A Commitment to Conscious Parenting

Click here to download a sample module.

This has been a mini miracle in my life. For anyone considering doing this I would say it is a life changing experience and I cannot recommend it enough. I feel if the whole world did this once we would all have better lives together.

– Petra

Each module takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

How would it feel to have no regrets about your parenting?

Are you ready to find out?

Whether you enroll as a participant or sign up to facilitate a group, you will receive full support from the VisionWorks for Life network, including access to regular online workshops and forums.

Find a Facilitator

Pricing for participants varies and is set by individual facilitators. VisionWorks does not set the course price; this is for each facilitator arrange as they have very different experiences, costs and expenses.

In the process of this course I realised that my own children are my biggest teachers and that they offer me the best opportunity to grow into a better mother, better person. The effects of this have been close to a miracle; I am having so much more fun with my kids now! I am also much more patient with them and, myself. In fact my whole life has changed. I feel like I have been returned to life, to love, to friendship, to happiness. I feel very blessed being part of this and would encourage everyone to do it too. You won’t look back!

– Kat

Want to be a facilitator?

We invite you to facilitate this modular 12 step training programme intended for use in a group setting.

As you facilitate you will learn new methods and new perspectives in dealing with situations that arise in everyone’s parenting.

As your participants attend the sessions and apply the homework suggestions they will find that parenting becomes easier and more rewarding.

It is our intention that this course is an adventure, an adventure with the most positive of all outcomes: a happy parent-child relationship.


Firstly a good understanding of the Psychology of Vision model.

Secondly the recommendation and continued mentoring from a Psychology of Vision trainer.

How To Purchase

Please email Alex at the VisionWorks office on alex@visionworksforlife.com


The price given here is the VisionWorks price to facilitators which covers the course, course materials and facilitators’ support which we provide.

First time licence – £200 (ex VAT) plus postage outside of the UK

Renewal licence – £150 (ex VAT)

Per participant fee – £50, (ex VAT) plus postage outside of the UK


If you are unsure whether you qualify to facilitate please contact us, we are happy to support you as you step up.