The ability to change is the cornerstone of success, and this programme is about real and lasting change…

VisionWorks provides practical tools to make the integration of teams easy and productive.

– HP

What is Steps to Conscious Business?

It is a 12-module programme designed to help people in business gain perspective on events around them as the action unfolds.

Understanding the direction of underlying currents and relationships is essential to being ahead of the curve and in the lead rather than following trends in the marketplace. The purpose of business is to achieve goals and when objectives are met easily we have little to offer but congratulations. However, when missed goals, power-struggles, or a blame and fear culture develop, and become blocks to success, it is the intention of this programme to give business people tools to overcome these obstacles.

We all know that good relationships are essential to happiness; however, do you know that good relationships are also essential for success in business? The underlying theme that runs through the 12 modules of Steps to Conscious Business is understanding the dynamics and importance of relationships. We demonstrate how bonded and co-operative teams result in ease, effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. The programme illustrates that foundation building for better relationships, team building, leadership and vision provide the edge needed for success.

I gained a greater feeling of empowerment by looking to myself first to see how I can make a change rather than waiting for someone else to make that change.

– JS

Steps to Conscious Business will challenge some of your belief systems through a process of demonstrating how our conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds communicate. Our individual willingness to let go of old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us as individuals and in the workplace will result in significant shifts in our businesses. Change is essential in the modern business environment considering the speed that the world is evolving. Managing that change in a positive way depends on our ability to manage ourselves; that will be the cornerstone of our success. This programme is about real and lasting change for you the individual and the company or organisation as a whole.

A refreshing balance to more rule driven management courses.

– MT


There Has To Be A Better Way
Becoming an Effective Team Player, The Modules, Benchmarks –where are you now?, The Importance of Change and Goal Setting How we make decisions , Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Performance = Potential – Obstacles
Beliefs & How They Generate Our Experience, Iceberg Model identifying the causes of behaviour in practice A New Choice, Attitude and Emotions, Self Concepts, Attitude and Responsibility
Communication is the Key
How We Communicate, How we listen and learn, The Twelve Principles of Effective Communication Subconscious communication, Appreciation
Evolution not Revolution
The Business Triangle Model Principles of Emotional Intelligence
What Went Wrong?
Understanding Relationships The Stages of Relationship Resistance and Hidden Agendas
The Stress Trap and Goal Setting
Problem solving, Stress in the workplace, The nature of expectations and demands The power of choice, Effective goal setting
Resolving Conflict
Power struggles, Fight or flight, Forms of attack, Dynamics of a conflict – we are never upset for the reasons we think we are Worry v trust and confidence
Stepping Past the Dead Zone
Exhaustion, burnout and depression Roles, Rules and Duties, Feeling like a fraud, Competition – Success or Winning? Fear of the next step, Commitment and Authenticity
Team Dynamics
Group Dynamics, Family Roles, Projection, transference and judgement Stories and Personal Myths
Effective Leadership
Elements of Leadership, Blocks to Leadership, The Leadership Principle Synchronicity and Process Achieving a Co-Creative Team
Achievement & Success
Problem Solving and Accountability Values and beliefs, Sabotage, Shadows, Vision & Creativity Success
Goals Review, Modules Review, What/How We Will Change?


Download sample pages from Module 8 on burnout and competition as well as Module 9 on dealing with negative team dynamics


How you will benefit

  • Understand yourself better so that you can understand and relate to others more effectively
  • Learn the principles of effective communication
  • Experience the dynamics of conflict resolution, empowerment, and successful relationships
  • Explore issues concerning staff attitudes, stress levels, demoralisation, and people’s belief in their inability to make a difference.
  • Find out how to improve team relationships and group dynamics, and achieve true teamwork for success.
  • Realise that you can make a big difference whatever your level. No one is helpless or powerless.

Reviews about the programme

These are truly transformational programmes. Over the years I have attended many so-called “leadership” courses, none of which have focussed on relationships and the way in which we interact with and relate to others around us. These are tools that work in the real world. JP

Very useful in changing the approach to situations, attitudes and personalities. Realising the effects an individual has on others. FC

I’ve learned to communicate more with other members of staff in project teams. EF

We all do matter and are important to factors in the way the company develops and what we as individuals have say, do, feel and work effects everyone. I can start believing in myself. JB

A fresh perspective on how to handle life issues such as stress, dilemmas, stagnation. SP

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