Your Path to Greater Self-Discovery and Joy

Jeff and Sue Allen aren’t just relationship experts, they’re role-models.

They know about the importance of relationships. When their marriage began breaking down in the late 1980s, they were faced with the prospect of divorce, or taking a different route: finding the courage to start working on their relationship.

Today, they remain happily married, and teach and train from their own experience. Authors of the successful book How Love Works, Jeff and Sue are relationship experts and role models with a deep appreciation of how relationships with partners, family, friends, and colleagues lie at the heart of everything we do.

The question is, are you ready to find ways to deal with your relationship issues so you can invite more joy and satisfaction into your life?

Relationships are key to our happiness. They make all the difference to whether we feel good about life or not. Yet while we have learned many things, we often haven’t been taught what it takes to build healthy and healing relationships. We end up repeating patterns that sabotage our chances for intimacy, success, and fulfilment.

Have you ever found yourself thinking?


After 20 years we’re excited about our future again. I had actually served divorce papers and your workshop was a last desperate attempt to make a difference.

– Sophie Jones

  • I don’t know how it happens but we are always fighting for no apparent reason. I’ve fallen out of love with my partner;
  • I don’t fancy him or her anymore.
  • We’re too busy to have any time together and we’re drifting apart.
  • It’s more fun being at work. Maybe the only point of staying together is for the sake of the children.
  • My boss never recognizes my contributions; I do all the hard work and she takes the credit.

We can help you understand your relationship problems in a new way, and take giant steps to maximise your happiness. We can teach you practical tools and techniques that can make sure your marriage and friendships reach their full potential for partnership.

The coaching session was brilliant. You were masterful in the most gentle of ways. I feel entirely different and have a deeper understanding of what was going on for me and the way through.

– Kate Middler

From the book of our experience, How Love Works, to one-on-one and couples coaching, to workshops you will learn how to:

  • Bring clarity to why you make non-productive choices
  • Transcend the roles and beliefs that are keeping your from intimacy
  • See how relating brings out your greatest potential and possibilities for joy

Thriving relationships is for couples, singles, or anyone who wants to re-set their relationship course in order to experience more potential and growth.

We are dedicated to understanding and changing relationships. We hope you will join us on this journey.

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