Throughout this website, we refer to Psychology of Vision, a model of healing founded by Chuck Spezzano, PhD, and Lency Spezzano, MS. For some, the relationship between PoV and VisionWorks will be clear. For those who are curious to learn more, read on… How the Relationship Between PoV and VisionWorks for Life Works! Chuck and Lency SpezzanoFounded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano, Psychology of Vision (see PoV website) is both a healing model and a global community of like-minded people teaching and practising that model. Though participants commonly benefit from even one PoV workshop, it has become clear that a benchmark of transformation and healing occurs when participants complete 100-days of training. According to Chuck and Lency, these people represent “a living treasure for the planet.”

There are a number of people I trust enough to put my life in their hands, but Jeff is the first one that comes to mind. When I think of having a good time, he is also the man who comes to mind.     Chuck Spezzano

Two such treasures are Sue and Jeff Allen, both are Psychology of Vision trainers and Directors of VisionWorks for Life. As part of his training in PoV, Jeff wrote and developed Steps to Leadership.  In Steps to Leadership the principles, lessons, and tools of PoV are synthesised, organised, and distilled into 30 lessons – each building on the previous one. Steps to Leadership doesn’t include the entirety that is PoV, but it offers a way of engaging with the teachings in a practical and incremental way.

Sue is a courageous and inspiring trainer who combines a huge natural gift for teaching with amazing spiritual energy and focus. She creates a safe space in which love is always present and lives are transformed.      Rose Ward

Steps to Leadership is  a stand alone programme, and a powerful way to explore the teachings of PoV in a more structured manner. VisionWorks is based on the PoV work created by Chuck and Lency Spezzano and VisionWorks is supported by PoV. In the true spirit of cooperation, this reciprocal relationship makes the work more meaningful and rewarding for all involved. And that’s how great relationships work!