• Do you want to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself and your relationships?
  • Would you like to experience support within a like-minded group?
  • Have you been looking for a path that’s practical as well as purposeful?

If you’re serious in finding powerful solutions, then Steps to Leadership is for you. It provides new concepts, perspectives, and insights designed to teach, inspire and transform. Steps to Leadership is a pathway that will empower and teach you to evolve your life to the next level. It demands your commitment, but the reward is change that is deep and permanent. If you’ve been thinking there’s got to be a better way – now you know that there is. And it begins here.

What is Steps to Leadership?

It is a training programme; you meet up in small groups led by a facilitator to learn the tools you need to transform your life and, in doing so, the lives of the people around you. Steps to Leadership covers many of the teachings of Psychology of Vision (PoV) and presents them in 3-hour modules. The principles, lessons, and tools of PoV are synthesised, organised, each building on the previous one. Together they offer a way of engaging with the teachings in a practical and incremental way.  When you graduate from the programme, you take with you a firm understanding of the workings of the mind, the blocks that are keeping you stuck, and techniques to overcome them.

Steps to Leadership is so much more than just a training program. It is a support structure, it is an avenue of help for people; it is a practical tool and a way of meeting old friends. It is a tool to change the world, well at least our world!

– Jeff Allen

In a group setting, led by a facilitator, you will be guided through this comprehensive programme, lesson-by-lesson, module-by-module either meeting up physically or in an interactive forum over the internet (eSteps to Leadership).



Level I The Conscious Minds
  1. An Introduction to Psychology of Vision
  2. The Power of Our Mind
  3. Transformational Communication
  4. The Triangle Model
  5. Psychology of Emotions
  6. Attitude and Direction
  7. The Iceberg Model
  8. Beliefs and Patterns
  9. Ego and the Higher Mind
  10. An Introduction to Process
Level II The Subconscious Mind
  1. Dependence and Beyond
  2. Relationships and Family Dynamics
  3. Stages of Relationship
  4. Transference
  5. The Power of Letting Go
  6. Power Struggle
  7. The Dead Zone
  8. Projection and Forgiveness
  9. Accountability
  10. Attendance at a Two-Day Workshop
Level III The Unconscious Mind
  1. Partnership
  2. Personalities and Leadership
  3. Archetypes, Myths and Shadows
  4. Happiness and Purpose
  5. Conspiracies and Idols
  6. Emotional Evolution
  7. Joining
  8. Love, Grace and Miracles
  9. Attendance at a Three-Day Workshop
  10. Attendance at a Two-Day Workshop
  11. Graduation & Goals Evaluation

Download a sample module from the programme

How will you benefit?

  • Understand the patterns and blocks in your life and learn tools and techniques to overcome them
  • Examine the dynamics of your life in a safe and supportive environment
  • Gain knowledge of and practise in the principles of the Psychology of Vision model
  • Discover your power to step beyond being a victim or a victimiser
  • Learn the meaning of your life and discover your purpose
  • Find practical ways to inspire your friends and family, and be a leader in your community and the world.

You will learn through

  • Comprehensive information on the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious aspects of our minds
  • Full details on the Triangle, Iceberg and other models of the Psychology of Vision
  • Clear explanations, exercises, discussion points, goal-setting, guided visualisations, and videos.

Watch an Introductory Video

Below is the introductory video for Steps to Leadership, featuring  Jeff Allen and Julie Wookey.

How do I join up?

We offer two different ways to participate in this course

Physical Group – Meet Up and Use Workbooks

The course consists of 27 three-hour modules and 3 workshops.

Online Group – Group Meets Up over the Internet and Uses an Online Course

This course (eSteps to Leadership) is currently available as:

  • Level I (Modules 1 – 10 The Conscious Mind)
  • Level II (Modules 11 – 20 The Subconscious Mind) and
  • Level III (Modules 21 – 30 The Unconscious Mind).

Level I consists of 10 three-hour modules. Each module is divided into a pre-learning and live online section. Level II is 9 three-hour modules and a 2-day workshop. Level III is 9 three-hour modules and a 3-day workshop.

Further benefits:
  • On completion of the 30 modules Physical Group method – 10 days credit towards the 100-Day Psychology of Vision Graduate training programme
  • 3 workbooks that on completion of the course become life-long reference manuals.  eSteps in downloadable form
  • Up to 50% discounts on some workshops forming part of the course
  • Steps to Leadership Graduate Certificate on completion.

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Pricing for participants varies and is set by individual facilitators. VisionWorks does not set the course price, this is for each facilitator to arrange as they have very different experiences, costs and expenses.

What is Psychology of Vision

Psychology of Vision is a path of relationship, leadership and spirituality. The model teaches accountability as a key tool – taking responsibility for our own lives means we have the choice to change what is no longer working for us. If you have done a significant amount of Psychology of Vision Trainings you may be eligible to facilitate this programme.

How To Purchase if you want to be a faciltator

Please click here to register onto the Facilitators Area. In this area you will find the order form amongst other essential information especially for our facilitators. Click here to download the Steps to Leadership programme purchase procedure. Alternatively please email Alex at the VisionWorks office on [email protected]

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First time licence – £350 (ex VAT) plus postage outside of the UK

Renewal licence – £300 (ex VAT)

Per participant fee – £90, (ex VAT) plus postage outside of the UK

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