Sue and Jeff know the importance of relationships. That’s why they have compiled a list of freebies for you, to help your relationship thrive.

“We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice”



How many of us believe we can’t have a life of our own and be in a relationship? We would say most of us because in any relationship we have to work through a mountain of sacrifice…

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Our Fights

There isn’t a couple in the world that doesn’t eventually fight at some time for some reason. If we don’t recognise there is a fight going on, then the relationship is probably very dead and distant…

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Love Yourself

Most of us spend lots of time and energy trying to get our partner to love us – and most of us can’t even do that for ourselves. So ask yourself these questions…

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One of the most destructive forces in our relationships is our level of competition. The most destructive thing about it is that most of us are not even aware of how competitive we are…

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An Attractive Partner

Imagine that you were married to the same partner for the rest of your life. Just the thought of it begins to sap the most devoted heart and we feel a desire to give up our will to live…

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When Life is in Your Face

There are times when everything seems to pile up at once. These are times when the stresses can lead us to attack our partner, out of frustration that they should be the one sorting it out…

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