You have loads of potential you simply don’t use – unleash that and you’re off to a flying start. Regain more awareness, heart and intuition and you can propel yourself forward to the next level with a whole lot of ease and real success. You already have it all – you just need the tools and understanding to access to it.

These have been the most transformational days I have ever experienced in my life. Cindy Davis

I’m really excited about offering this workshop as I know in just two days you can regain more of your mind, heart and intuition to really use more of that untapped potential:

  • You’ll become more effective and get more done in less time
  • You’ll break through the daily grind and negative thoughts that get in the way
  • You’ll restore passion and joy back into your work and your life in general

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Fast track your business or career to the next level
  • Get that project moving and through to completion – at long last!
  • Work without that familiar stress, fear or constant anxiety

And the bonus is you’ll learn tools to maintain the momentum.

Offering discounted price now of £150 (full price is £227). Lunch will be provided.

Please contact Alex on a[email protected],com to register.

07/12/2015 - 08/12/2015

09:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Alex Patchett-Joyce

Location: Kidlington, Oxfordshire