2.5 day workshop with Jeff and Sue Allen, VisionWorks trainers

Joy is our birthright; it is a natural legacy from feeling a full part of life.

It is through joy that we escape our ties to this world. But we have taught ourselves so many ways not to be joyful. In fact, we persistently reinforce the belief that joy is ‘out there somewhere’. We frequently focus on the things that rob us of experiencing joy.

This will be a time of undoing all the mistaken lessons that we have taught ourselves, which keep us locked in a cycle of misery and fear. It is a chance in the company of others to make joy a real felt experience, and reawaken that deep memory of what A Course in Miracles calls ‘The Forgotten Song’.

“Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.” ACIM

Workshop Timings

Registration: 12.15pm


1pm – 7pm


10am – 6pm


10am – 5pm

10/11/2017 - 12/11/2017

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

Location: Naish House, Spirthill, Nr Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9HW

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