“Gut health plays a powerful role in brain health”.

Dr Mark Hyman, Presenter of Broken Brain

We chat physical and mental health, how the two are directly related and the impact they can have on us and our loved ones.

If you have ever said “trust your gut” and experience “gut feelings”  such as “butterflies in your stomach” you are likely getting a signal from your second brain. The mind-body connection is a real thing. Your brain and your gut are intimately connected making the “butterflies in your stomach” and those “gut-wrenching experiences” a reality.

Wednesday 5 February – 19.30 – 21.30 (please arrive a few minutes early)

The Vitality Rooms, 4b Cavalier Court, Bumpers Way, Bumpers Farm Ind Estate, Chippenham SN14 6LH

Join Jeff and Sue Allen, international life coaches (VisionWorks for Life) and founders of Microbz (hand brewed probiotics made locally)  who offer valuable insights on the relationship between our brain and gut. They will be joined by Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie who will be getting to the bottom of this topic with a friendly, engaging and enlightening talk, on the often trivialised subject of poop, toilet habits and functional digestion.

During this evening we will explore:

  • The gut-brain super highway and how it works
  • How lifestyle, diet and stress impact our overall health
  • Emotional mindsets
  • Poo – what can it tell us

“I like the relaxed and informal format” TG

Ticket Price: £15

Please call Alex on 01249 409001 or [email protected] for more information.


19:30 - 21:30

Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

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