A 3-day workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall to transform the blocks that stop you fully shining in your life.

This 3-day workshop will be facilitated by Sue Allen assisted by Nicky Rangecroft.

How vibrant and joyful is your life right now? How responsive and helpful can you be to your partner, your family, friends and colleagues and the challenges they face? How much do you say ‘yes’ to life?

On this workshop we will focus on transforming the blocks that stop us fully shining in our life. What hinders us might be our self-consciousness, a grievance or regret from the past, negative self-concepts, unresolved issues with others, or even our fear of change. Join us to uncover and transform whatever holds you back from your giftedness, and the abundance, joy and success that is your birthright.

Psychology of Vision is a model of human potential that has helped thousands of people around the world to enable each of us to realize our dreams, reach our goals and fulfill our personal potential.

The benefits?
• Experience practical change that is powerful and permanent
• Discover the tools of happier relationships at home and at work
• Transcend the roles and beliefs that keep you from living life to the full.

To book please contact Clare Berry on 07786 557 130 or email: [email protected]

16/05/2014 - 18/05/2014

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Sue Allen with Nicky Rangecroft

Location: The Falmouth Hotel