A Two Day Workshop in Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset

In order to grow and reach our higher goals we must change, yet it is fear of change, or of the unknown, that commonly blocks us. Discover how you can free yourself of past negative patterns and move forward, step by step.

You could say that every problem we have is a wake-up call to learn crucial lessons, to move forward in some way because something is not working. Things are not yet complete; more success is ahead and it is important not to delay here. It is time to find the courage to change.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel stuck in any area of your life, at home or at work, or with your health or happiness
  • You feel powerless in the face of losing something or someone important
  • You are at a crossroads, and anxious about the future
  • You want more partnership, success and happiness. You want to say Yes! to life.

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you’ll just have more of what you already have. Are you willing to change, to find the courage and confidence for a new level of success in any area of your life?

Come along for these two days to discover principles and practical tools that you can take home and use in your daily life immediately. You will gain:

  • Ways to understand old patterns of thought and behaviour that are holding you back
  • Practical skills to empower you
  • Tools of happier relationships at home and at work
  • Being more comfortable and confident in any situation
  • The confidence to step forward in a whole new, and true, direction.



Early Bird Price (until 10th May) £95

Regular Price £120

To book call 07798 578186 or email on [email protected]

16/05/2015 - 17/05/2015

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Sue Allen

Location: Brownsword Hall, Dorchester DT1 3GW