2 day workshop with Jeff and Sue Allen, VisionWorks trainers

Join us in beautiful Wiltshire for a 2 day relationship top up. As we know, all relationships, no matter how bad they are, can get worse. And all relationships, no matter how good they are, can get better. 

Once we learn the secrets of successful relationships we have a road map and a toolkit that enhances every aspect of life, because happy relationships are the bedrock of success, health and wellbeing, with family and with work.

We both learnt a huge amount and cleared so many blocks. Things have sped forward since then and we are constantly reminding ourselves of lessons learnt and new information that we have digested. You are both excellent and amusing too. AG, health therapist

Your relationship with everything and everyone is on a continuum somewhere between separation and connection. And making contact with others makes life an exciting adventure. Your relationship can be a heavy monotonous existence to be endured or a thrilling voyage in self-discovery.

Give yourself these two days to reinvigorate your relationships. Like anything, they benefit from your focus and commitment. Why wouldn’t you give that to yourself and to those you love?

I have more understanding of my behaviour and the choices I am able to make. I feel blessed to have taken two days out for ME! – Jane Stephenson

15/07/2017 - 16/07/2017

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

Location: Naish House, Spirthill, Nr Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9HW

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