A teleseminar specially for facilitators and would be facilitators.

“The best way to learn is to teach.”

Have you thought about teaching a group in your area? You don’t need to buy a programme to join these sessions but if you have completed some days of Psychology of Vision training you can register as a facilitator and be eligible for ongoing regular support as you step up and get ready to embark on teaching the programmes published by VisionWorks. Please check the programme listing for full information about facilitator requirements.

These online teleseminars are a space for facilitators to address their process around facilitating and be supported. Alex is also happy to help with marketing ideas and how to get a group together; feel free to ask at the beginning of the session. If you have any general questions about a programme please contact Linda in the first place.

If you have not already registered as a facilitator please click here.

For existing STL or eSTL facilitators this session counts as one of your two free teleseminars per licence; please contact Linda to book on [email protected]


19:00 - 20:30

Trainer: Alex Pattchet-Joyce

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