“The group is friendly and open allowing thoughts and feelings to be voiced without judgement.   There is much to contemplate, often leading to a stirring in my mind and soul.” SP, Wiltshire

Believe it or not, our relationships offer the fastest way to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Issues that could take decades for us to figure out on our own are accelerated within the hot house of an intimate relationship, because everything between us and our wholeness, or peace of mind and heart, will come to light.

That principle applies to any close relationship, whether with a partner, child, parent, friend, colleague or boss.

That could sound like the bad news, but actually it is good news because any problems or blocks in our present relationship reflect painful ‘baggage’ from the past that we carry inside. This baggage weighs us down; it creates inner conflicts and restricts our ability to learn and blossom into happiness.

This workshop is for everyone: single or in a partnership, settled or in the midst of a life crisis at work or at home. There are always vital lessons to be learned in the rich field of relationships.

During this workshop we will:

  • Build a toolbox of skills and principles to navigate the future with confidence
  • Explore how commitment allows us to face deeper layers of pain and healing
  • Discover ways to communicate that bridge the divide
  • Understand the pitfalls of every relationship and how to move through them towards partnership
  • Learn principles of projection, forgiveness and accountability
  • Embrace the cycle of giving and receiving, which is crucial to our personal growth and happiness

Workshop Timings

Registration: 12.30pm


1pm – 6pm


10am – 6pm


10am – 5pm

22/11/2019 - 24/11/2019

12:30 - 18:00

Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

Location: The South Barn, Naish House, Spirthill, Wiltshire SN11 9HW

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