“What more can I say? I found the workshop very profound, and found I could go deeper and more effectively without distractions. Thank you Vision Really Works for Life!!”. – VD, Kent

Coming out the other side of Covid-19, we are all emerging into a new world. How is that going to be? What can we expect from others and ourselves? Do we fear slipping back into old patterns, or are we ready to embrace a new way of being?

This online workshop offers the opportunity to meet up and share thoughts, experiences and emotions at a deep level. It is a chance to:

    • Anchor our goals and vision for a new future
    • Leave behind any negative blocks
    • Choose a fresh perspective to carry us forward.


Join us for a powerful connection via Zoom – click here for workshop timings and technical specifications.

– a 2 hour session Fri, 3-5pm (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone)
– 2 hour sessions Sat and Sun, 9 – 11am (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone):
– additional afternoon sessions Sat and Sun, 4-5pm (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone):
– number of participants limited to 35
– price £150 including VAT. Concessions available
– we are not able to offer translation for this workshop.

We suggest the following minimum technical specifications for joining online Zoom seminars:

17/07/2020 - 19/07/2020

15:00 - 17:00

Trainer: Jeff & Sue Allen

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