The power of the mind is magnificent in creating change.” Chuck Spezzano


Why is it so difficult to embrace this principle 100%? Why do we fall into blaming other people or situations for the way of the world? Why do we feel helpless in the face of personal, family, workplace or even global challenges?

It is a psychological and spiritual truth that our minds have a direct effect on the world, and the world reflects what is within our minds. We may rationally accept this belief, but emotionally we can be caught in blame, revenge, victimhood and fear. Any or all of these negative thought patterns will dampen down our power, and persuade us that playing small and hiding from our natural leadership gifts is the safest solution.

Would you like to explore changing old problem patterns and beliefs, and embrace a more expanded truth? When we dare to change our minds we create outward change, starting with our partner and extending to our family, our workplace, our community and beyond. 

Whether you are starting this journey, or continuing on this path, this workshop will open up new possibilities. With the support of the group, you will gain fresh insights into any mistaken beliefs that block your happiness and success. 

And find the courage to take the next step for yourself and others around you.

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Online Workshop Timings (UK)

2pm – 5pm

Saturday and Sunday
8 – 11am AND 3 – 5pm

Price: 265 €.

  • Translation to German will be by Daniela März.

We suggest the following minimum technical specifications for joining online Zoom seminars:

27/11/2020 - 29/11/2020

08:00 - 17:00

Trainer: Sue Allen

Location: Online via Zoom