Boost your creativity and break through to being your best self with ease.

Does it feel like you are pushing a huge boulder up hill – everything seems like hard work – it is all a boring routine? Do you find your work holds little interest for you and is no longer lucrative?

This 2-day workshop in Oxfordshire is about going deep inside ourselves and rekindling that creative spark. Together we will break through the deadness and loss of passion, find your best self and regain that sense of ease you had all those years ago. Your life will get simpler yet more fun and your relationships will become easier.

As we get older our main unconscious patterns become more entrenched and start to have a huge impact on our life.  Without awareness and a willingness to find these blind spots these patterns continue to operate and can seriously impact our health, relationships and our ability to be successful.

On this workshop, in a safe and secure environment, you’ll have the opportunity to understand what has been going on in your unconscious mind and this will allow you to see and change the patterns that no longer serve you. It is no coincidence that when we are in our best self, typically we are more creative and productive, for instance, and that in turn can lead to added bonuses such as our income increasing!

Using Psychology of Vision’s cutting edge tools pioneered by Lency Spezzano we will be able to delve deep into our minds to transform some of our core issues.

This workshop is suitable as Module 20 for those studying Steps to Leadership, please contact the office to book at your special price if you are a STL student.

Special Offer Price £120* – only available for a limited period

*£40 saving from full price £160

100-day graduates please contact the office to book.

16/05/2015 - 17/05/2015

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Alex Patchett-Joyce

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