2.5 day workshop with Jeff and Sue Allen, VisionWorks trainers

Many of us know we have some unhealthy life habits – not eating the right food, not exercising enough, making good resolutions that go by the board time and again.

But do we pay as much attention to our poor relationship habits? These can include independence, being inauthentic, feelings of sacrifice, anger, frustration and disappointment. We can get stuck in our unhealthy relationship habits, and be unaware of our part in it all.

We may know the principles of healthy relationships, yet even when we aspire to them they don’t seem to stick. Old behaviour patterns resurface again and again and lock us into a spiral of unhappiness; we despair that things can ever be different. This workshop is an opportunity to re-engineer our internal being so that we can truly transform.

Your relationship can be the source of your unease or the source of your health and happiness. We all get to choose. What do you choose?

PRICE PER PERSON (until 19 April) – £200. For all booking options and prices see below.

Let me thank you two as two inspiring individuals and an inspiring couple at the same time. KM

Workshop Timings

Registration: 12.15pm


1pm – 7pm


10am – 6pm


10am – 5pm

21/04/2017 - 23/04/2017

13:00 - 19:00

Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

Location: Naish House, Spirthill, Nr Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9HW

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