Join us for a 2-day workshop in the Wiltshire countryside

Giving makes us successful. One dynamic of every problem is that we are not giving ourselves in some way, we are somehow trying to take or get something instead. It may seem as if someone else is not giving to us, but in truth we have within us the gifts that could transform any problem situation and enable us to move forward in our lives.

This workshop will help you understand your relationships in a new way, and take giant steps to maximise your happiness, your success and your abundance. Come and learn practical tools and techniques that can ensure your marriage, friendships and career reach their full potential for partnership.

The benefits?

  • Understand why you make non-productive choices.
  • Transcend the roles and beliefs that keep you from living life to the full.
  • Experience practical change that is powerful and permanent.

Sue Allen is an experienced Psychology of Vision trainer who works internationally in Europe and the Far East. She is a natural teacher who brings clarity and humour to the fundamental issues that preoccupy us all. She is co-author with her husband Jeff of How Love Works: a new approach to lasting partnership.

12/10/2013 - 13/10/2013

10:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Sue Allen

Location: Bremhill Village Hall

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